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Top line products for you, the discerning dog owner.
Happy Dog Shop endevours to offer a very competitive price for our products. In addition to our discount, there is often a '11th bag free' bonus from different suppliers. This, inconjuction with our own discount per bag, makes for a price and personal service that is hard to beat!

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Cat products of the highest quality.
Superior nutrition to suit your cat.

GO! and NOW! cat foods are also available on request. Please contact us to know more or place an order for your free delivery.

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We aim to source quality products for your dog(s). The dogs and cats in our world dont need many 'things' but when they do, make it the best you can get. Particularly so when it comes to safety i.e. Good comfy lead (for your hands!) with trustworthy clip, and a superb collar that looks great!
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Proven products and personally proven results.
More to come...
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Need a easy to remember name for your new website?