Happy Dog Store


Happy Dog Store. A personal service

As a pet food supplier for over 19 years, I have always strived to get the best product to my customers.

- Great Choice- Great Quality- A Personal Service

A phone call, text or email from the comfort of your couch brings your pets food to your home! :-)
and... its a FREE service of Pet Product Home Delivery for all Christchurch pets!

In addition to our discount, there is often a '11th bag free' bonus from different suppliers. This, inconjuction with our own discount per bag, makes for a price and personal service that is hard to beat!

Many of our products are already discounted, but you can receive an
extra $10.- off
your next purchase if you refer a friend! *
*(valid with referral puchase over $65.- and new customer must mention your name)

Call 021 066 3286, or email;

--- Please note...Any order outside of Christchurch will incur relevant freight costs ---