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"Its not just business, its personal"

Happy Dog is proudly run by Yolanda and Dennis Nuberg.

As the nucleus to our business we operate Happy Dog Walking, a professional Dog Walking service. On a regular basis we cater to the needs of many enjoyable canines entrusted into our care by owners around our city.

Started in 2001, as a trial, by Yolanda to see if such a business could operate in New Zealand, after having run the same business in The Netherlands (NL), we quickly realised that there was a demand for such a service and officially began a year later.
To date we have catered for approx 45000 dog walks!!!

Happy Dog Walking is an enjoyably important part of our business,however we also cater for various other needs. Our free home delivery service of premium dog food is a handy, locally owned, service and well worth looking into. Not only are our prices competitive (per bag plus 11th bag free) you'll become a customer that we know, and as such will recieve a personal service that is unlikely to be found when dealing with larger international retailers. Shopping locally benefits us ALL!

Training, teaching and working with behavioural situations are services within which we enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience. We have both grown up in a world of animals and are both qualified in our field. Together have a combined experience of over 40 years with dogs.

Looking back, we both know what it is to be a part of a changing world of working with animals, and most specifically, dogs. Once upon a time it was all about punitive methods or, in the case of dogs, pack leadership and such like. Oh how the times have changed!

Our qualifications and education, some of which have had extensive work experience prior to our life in New Zealand;

- Bio technician dipl' (NL)
- Advanced Vet Nursing (NL)
- CPIT Dog Training (NZ) 2001 (1yr course)
- attendee Dr. Ian Dunbar Dog Training seminar. 2008, 2010
- attendee Dr. Sophia Yin, Animal Behaviourist. DVM, MS. 2012
- achieved : 'Uber Dude' from The Dog House Trick Club with Jessie (collie x) 2016
                  : 'Ninja'  from The Dog House Trick Club with Jessie (collie x) 2016
- attendee Clean Boot Tracking Course from The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour, United Kingdom. 2016
- attendee Canine Aggression/ Reactivity course from The Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour, United Kingdom 2016
- attendee Bob Bailey : Behaviour and Operant Conditioning Workshop 2017
- attendee APDTNZ 2017 annual conference, featuring Nando Brown and Jo-Rosie Haffenden

-Trade Cert' Estate management and animal care (NL)
- Massey Uni 'Principles in Canine behaviour'
- Founding member APDT NZ* (2008)
- Committee Member APDT NZ (2008-2011)
- Member APDT NZ 2008-2017
- attendee Dr. Ian Dunbar Dog Training seminar. 2008, 2010
- attendee Prof S.Friedman PhD, Applied Behaviour Course, 2010
- attendee Dr Patricia McConnell, Applied Behaviour and Training Seminar, 2010
- attendee APDTNZ 2010 inaugural conference, featuring Prof K.Stafford, Debra Millikan and Karin Bridges
- attendee APDTNZ 2011 annual conference, featuring Dr Gabrielle Carter, Teresa Crich and Jean Donaldson via video link
- Certificate of Excellence, LLA telecourse Applied Behaviour and Training, from Prof S.Friedman PhD, 2011.
- attendee APDTNZ 2012 annual conference, featuring Sue Walsh and Kim Moeller
- attendee APDTNZ 2013 annual conference, featuring Veronica Boutelle and Pia Silvani
- attendee APDTNZ 2016 annual conference, featuring Pat Miller

*APDTNZ = Association of Pet Dog Trainers NZ.

Happy Dog is the place to call for the following areas of canine expertise, advice and training:

Domestic Dog Training
Behavioural Consultations
Dog Walking
Food Delivery
Unbiased nutritional advice
Obedience training
Heelwork to Music
Boarding Kennel advice and recommendations
Quality dog product advice and sales

We pride ourselves on being a caring, professional pet care company. Our European influenced modern training techniques and approach to our canine friends make no use of the 'old school' dominance based ideologies.Dogs are DOGS, our pets...not wolves!

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Dog Walking
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  Training & Scentwork

"The first step to good training is good bonding.
Acknowledge and recognise your dog in its life with you."