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It is with great pleasure that I am able to invite you to the next new thing to do with your pet dog! Scent work classes are now underway at a superb new location in the city. Indoors, small classes and so much fun for your dog, and you!

Scent work is becoming more an more popular internationally and if you have been looking for the best place to learn how to do this with you dog in Chch then you've come to the right place.

I have been involved with one form or another of nose work, with dogs, since the mid 90s and have been following international training advice throughout these years. I've been involved in tracking, item location, scent discrimination and even dabbled in truffle searching! Now I am regularly involved in competions with my dog , Jessie.

There are a lot of enjoyable challenges ahead for your dog and its nose! Utilising its greatest natural talent! The dogs love it and its possible for all ages and breed types. The "working" that a dogs does is more passive than many other dog sports but the mental exertion is often far greater.

Learning to watch you dog work and picking up on the smallest cues gives another level of insight into the language of dogs. Watching body language is a big part of this.

Should you have a dog that cant stop sniffing around its environment then this may be for you!   We can teach your dog to find stuff! Keys, Credit Cards, Possums or even certain oils and essences should you wish to enter into competitions.

.....aaaaand there is so much more to explore once you get started. Your dog may astound you, given the time and input!

Contact me via the number or email address below if you are interested, More information, photos etc to be added here soon, and in the meantime check out my facebook page Happy Dog Training

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